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ScanTag QR Code Tour

Posted on: June 29th, 2011

Pricing FREE 30 day trial! After 30 days your account will be charged $24.95 recurring every 1 month. You will not be charged anything if you cancel your account before your 30 day trial expires. Each additional QR code is $5 per month. (Slightly less than a latte)

How To Add Color To Your QR Code [VIDEO]

Posted on: June 29th, 2011

QR — Another Value Added Service for Web Professionals

Posted on: June 29th, 2011

Let’s face it, as any top web designer will tell you, clients are constantly seeking direction and guidance about the latest trends in technology (e.g. social media, SEO, web design, email marketing, PPC, etc.) With the emergence of mobile marketing, and the seismic shift to smart phones, that expert guidance will be in demand more than [...]

How To Sign Up [VIDEO]

Posted on: June 25th, 2011

What can ScanTag do for you?

Posted on: June 18th, 2011

From the creators of JumpScan comes a fully hosted, comprehensive QR management system So you’ve heard all the buzz about QR codes – how they link the physical and virtual worlds by scanning those little boxes and taking the user to the web. That’s all great… but how does that benefit you? How can you [...]

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